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Welcome to Pack 1999's Website! We hope you enjoy browsing our site for information on Pack and Den meetings, events, and activities. We extend a special welcome to those families who are interested in joining our Pack. Please click on "Contact Us" and send any of our leaders a note to ask for more information or make comments.

Pack 1999 is a Family Pack chartered with Hassler Elementary PTO in Klein ISD. We welcome boys and girls attending Hassler Elementary or living in the area around Hassler.

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Pack 1999 has scouts from Lion Rank to Webelos Arrow Of light Rank (Elementary Grade level Kinder-5th).

  • Bobcat – All Grades
  • Lion Cubs - Kindergarten
  • Tiger Cubs – 1st grade
  • Wolf Cubs – 2nd grade
  • Bear Cubs – 3rd grade
  • Webelos I – 4th grade
  • Webelos II – 5th grade

We have a lot of fun activities every year. Some of the scouts favorites are:

  • Pack Family Camping (Fall & Spring)
  • Community Service (Scouting for food and Hassler Cleanup)
  • District Pushmobile
  • Pinewood Derby 
  • Blue & Gold Banquet
  • Council Scout Fair
  • Pool Party
  • Overnighters

Why you should join scouting with your child:


  • Fun and Educational Activities
  • Develops Character
  • Promotes Good Citizenship
  • Family Values & Quality Time

Cub Scout Motto is   “DO YOUR BEST”

Signup to join Pack1999 here: https://my.bsa.us/576paa1999mb

Community garage sale 2/29/20 - service project

Posted on Feb 24 2020 - 1:47pm

We need all dens to help at the garage sale with concessions, helping the seller unload and Hassler cleanup.

Here is the schedule:

Time Den and task
7-8am Den 8 web 1s; Set up
8-9am Dens 11 & 6 Wolves; Hassler Clean up and Concessions
9-10am Dens 7 and 15 Lions - Hassler cleanup and concessions
10-11am Dens 9 Tigers - Hassler Cleanup and concessions
11am- Noon Den 3.5 Bears - Start cleanup and donations drives to goodwill
Noon-1pm Den 5 - Cleanup and Donation drive. Trucks needed

 If you can't make it at the assigned time then please come by at another time and help out.

Blue & Gold Banquet and Father/scout cake bake (Scoutings birthday) 2/22

Posted on Feb 16 2020 - 12:02pm

Please sign up for the Blue & Gold banquet.


Blue & Gold Banquet and Father/scout cake bake (Scoutings birthday)

Come celebrate and enjoy the fantastic Cake contest!

The Cake Categories for the contest are:

  • Best Scout Theme
  • Most Unappetizing
  • Most Colorful
  • Most Elaborate
  • Most Patriotic
  • Tallest
  • Judges' Favorite
  • Best Sports Theme
  • Flattest
  • Most Creative
  • Yummiest  Looking
  • Most Original
  • Best International Theme

*All visible parts of the cake must be edible.

Scouts are free. All others are $10. Please pay after registering by paypal to https://www.paypal.me/pack1999 paypal@pack1999.org or by check/cash at the door.  

Dinner is included:  

Please indicate food Selections:

  • Burger
  • Salad
  • Veggie burger
  • Hotdog

30% of Coupon Book/Popcorn Sales go toward scout dues. 

Posted on Feb 9 2020 - 8:09pm
  Part of the scout law is to be thrifty which includes being financially self sufficient and paying your own way.  The 2021 scout dues are due in November 2020 (10 months away)  and are expected to be $150/year.    The pack leadership believes in making sure there is a path that allows the scouts to pay their own way and utilizes the popcorn sales/coupon book sales for that purpose.  
Pack 1999 gets exactly 30% of  popcorn sales and approximately 30-40% of coupon book sales so we apply 30% of any sales directly toward next year's scout dues.  
For example, 
If a scout sells $100 in coupon book/popcorn sales, they get a $30 discount in next years dues.
If a scout sells $200 in coupon book/popcorn, they get a $60 discount in next years dues.
If a scout sells $500 in coupon books/popcorn, they get a full $150 discount on their pack dues and pay nothing next year. 
If a scout sells more then $500 in coupon books/popcorn, then the extra 30% goes to pack1999 and we really appreciate it. 
So in addition to the individual prizes from sales, scouts learning sales skills/confidence (which is critical in life), benefiting scouting, they also get 30% of all sales going toward their next years pack 1999 fees.  
Chris has started to distribute coupon books so check with your den leader to pick them up.  Popcorn sales are in the fall.
If there are any questions, please feel free to email Mark at treasurer@pack1999.org 

Coupon Book Sales ( Spring Fundraiser)

Posted on Feb 3 2020 - 3:04pm

It's scout fair coupon book season and an exciting time for multiple reasons:

Pinewood Derby Volunteers needed

Posted on Jan 4 2020 - 6:11pm

Pack 1999 Pinewood Derby

at the Hassler Elementary Cafeteria

25 January 2020

Volunteers Needed


Very Much Appreciated


Sign up genius



Contact Jesper Christensen commchair@pack1999.org  to get

your position.

Pinewood Derby Build Day @ Ace Hardware 11am - 3pm 1/11/2020

Posted on Jan 4 2020 - 6:01pm

Related image

Pinewood Derby Car Build Day


Saturday 11 Jan 2019, 11am – 3pm

Ace Hardware, 9001 Spring Cypress Rd.

Hosted by Wally and Jesper


Bring your car kit, your supplies, and your ideas!

Band Saw, other tools, and some parents with experience will be there!

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