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Welcome to Pack 1999's Web site!

Welcome to Pack 1999's Website! We hope you enjoy browsing our site for information on Pack and Den meetings, events, and activities. We extend a special welcome to those families who are interested in joining our Pack. Please click on "Contact Us" and send any of our leaders a note to ask for more information or make comments.

If you're here looking for info about our Community Garage Sale on 6 December 2014 please click on the link at the left.


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October Pack Meeting - 23 Oct 2014 - Spookorama!

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 11:44pm

Remember our October Pack Meeting is our Annual Spookorama!  

23 October 2014

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Hassler Cafeteria

Scouts, parents, and siblings come in costume!

Each Den (except our Tiger Dens - Den 2 and Den 3) will provide a simple (or complex!) game that the Den's parents will take turns running while everybody enjoys playing those games!  Dens, don't forget to bring candy for prizes!!

Bring your cameras . . . Bring your friends!


2nd POPtober Report

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 11:44pm

Hey Pack 1999!

 Austin H. from the Raccoon Bandits has become the first join the $600 Club, so he earned the FIRST ZX Crossbow!  But remember, you can still get yours by selling $600 worth of yummy Popcorn!  

Remember to enter your sales as soon as you make them, because there may be more prizes . . . just sayin'!   

Here's where we stand so far in our Popcorn Sales:

  • 1st - Austin H., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $820 in Take Order and Online Sales
  • 2nd - Alex B., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $415 in Take Order Sales
  • 3rd - Alexander M., Bear - Den 12, $325 in Take Order Sales
  • 4th - Luke R., Tiger - Den 2, $295.25 in Online Sales
  • 5th - Connor W., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $180 in Take Order Sales
  • 6th - Jacob G., Webelos I - Den 9, $160 in Take Order Sales
  • 7th - Austin P., Bear - Den 10, $124.25 in Online Sales
  • 8th - Korben C., Tiger - Den 2, $55 in Online Sales

Your "Pie Throwing Goal" is $600 of Popcorn and 5 flats of Flowers!

A Scout is Thrifty . . . He pays his own way!  By taking part in the Pack 1999 Popcorn Sale, you not only Help the Pack Go and ensure we can keep doing all the fun stuff we do; you also Pay Your Own Way!  Your Popcorn and Flower Sales (and your Scout Fair Coupon Sales back in the spring) offset your $100 Pack Dues and Recharter Fees which are due the first week in December.  YOU KNOW YOU CAN SELL MORE, but sell $334 in popcorn OR 7 flats of flowers OR 25 Scout Fair Coupon books OR a combination thereof, and you pay ZERO in Pack Dues and BSA Membership Fees! 

Our ZERO HEROES are:  Austin H, Alex B., Connor W, . . . . your name goes here!


Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 11:44pm

Hey Pack 1999 . . . Image result for pansies images

Here's the form for our Flower Sale click here . Print on legal paper for best results.

Flower orders will need to be submitted to your Den Leader by Saturday 10 November 2014 and you will need to pick up your Flowers at our Community Day of Service at Hassler on the morning of 15 November 2014.

Remember, sell 5 flats of Flowers and $600 in Popcorn and you get to PIE your Den Leader!

The How-To for Online Popcorn Sales!

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 11:43pm

Hey Pack 1999 . . . 

As we are in another soon-to-be-incredible POPtober, take a moment to set up your online selling account or to make sure your account is still active.  What's that?  You say you don't know how?  Yes you do . . . make sure you're signed-in to the Pack Web site, then just click here:   online selling account how-to's.

Remember, taker order Pocorn Sales and online popcorn sales combine for your prizes!

Special Cub Scout Code

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 11:43pm

"A Scout is Loyal"

Thanks for reading the eBlast!

Review of Campout (17-19 Oct 14); Preview of Spookarama (23 Oct 14) and of Webelos Woods (25-26 Oct 14)

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 11:42pm


Hey Raccoon Bandits!

At our Pack Family Campout, we  (James, Sean, Austin, Isaac, Cole, Connor) had a great time playing and doing our own thing, as well as learning more about compasses and the Outdoor Essentials.  We played a "Kim's Game" using the Outdoor Essentials!  But of course, the first thing we did was to make a Duty Roster!  It's great when we all come together and work together as a Den!.      

Monday night, we (Sean, Austin, and Connor; plus Bryson and Max from the Campfire Dragons) visited Troop 626 and learned about the neat things they do there. And, we enjoyed their pancakes!

Next Thursday night (23 Oct 2014), we'll take part in the Pack's Annual Spookarama!  Everyone needs to come in costume and prep your parents (who will be in costume too!) to work our Ring Toss game and the Bockey games. 

Webelos Woods is this weekend (25-26 Oct).  Cub Scouts and their adult should arrive at Spring Creek Park in Tomball between 7:45-8:00 am on Saturday morning and come to the Pack 1999 campsite.  The Opening Ceremony is shortly thereafter, followed by a group Archery / BB gun safety briefing (at some point later in the day, we will have our turn at the ranges - but the mass briefing saves time!).  We will go through the rotations, visiting different troops and learning the Scout Skills these troops present.  FOOD ($10 per person - PLEASE BRING $10 TO THE SPOOKARAMA):  Please eat breakfast before you arrive!  Lunch will be sandwiches at our campsite.  For Dinner, as discussed at our Pack Family Campout, we've been invited to eat dinner with Troop 1332.  Breakfast will be fruit and breakfast bars.  Please bring your standard mess kit as you need this for dinner with our Troop hosts.  Roster for Webelos Woods:  Alex, Sean, Austin, Jake, Hunter, Cole, Connor.  We will finsh late Sunday morning after Scout's Own. 

NOTE FOR WEBELOS WOODS:  Each participant (each camper, not just Scout!) needs: Medical Form; mess kit (plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon); personal gear as needed  Each Scout should bring: Webelos Outdoor Essentials (hint . . . check page 363); ideas for campfire skit, and song

See y'all soon!!


Important Upcoming Dates:

  • 23 Oct - Pack Meeting - Spookoree
  • 25-26 Oct - Webelos Woods at Spring Creek in Tomball (7:30 Sat - 12 Noon Sun)
  • 1 Nov - Webelos University (see PhoenixBSA.org to register)
  • 2 Nov - Den Meeting
  • 3 Nov - Troop 1323 Meeting Visit
  • 15 Nov - SHAC Day of Service
  • 16 Nov - Den Meeting
  • 17 Nov - Troop Meeting Visit
  • 20 Nov Pack Meeting

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