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Welcome to Pack 1999's Web site!

Welcome to Pack 1999's Website! We hope you enjoy browsing our site for information on Pack and Den meetings, events, and activities. We extend a special welcome to those families who are interested in joining our Pack. Please click on "Contact Us" and send any of our leaders a note to ask for more information or make comments.

If you're here looking for info about our Community Garage Sale on 6 December 2014 please click on the link at the left.


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Popcorn System for Den Leaders - DUE THIS SUNDAY

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 7:16am

Den Leaders,

Please Review this document in the files (http://pack1999.org/system/files/THEPOPCORNSYSTEMFORDENLEADERS-0.doc) to prepare for your Den turning in their Popcorn Forms and Money to you on Sunday 30 Nov.  You need to turn in your Den's Forms and Money at Stately Watts Manor this Sunday at 7pm.

NOTE:  Page 7 of this guide says that Scouts make prize selection inside the Popcorn System where they entered their sales . . . this procedure has changed!  Scouts should write their prize selection onto one of their order forms at the middle of the bottom (near the "Rewards Total").

Let's please make sure our Dens don't miss this deadline . . . Thanks!

7th POPtober Report - Only Few Days Left . . . Forms, Money, and Prize Selection Due 30 Nov!

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 12:28am

Hey Pack 1999!

ALL ORDER FORMS AND MONEY DUE TO YOUR DEN LEADER ON 30 NOV by 6PM (or sooner if your Den Leader has set an earlier time).

PLEASE WRITE YOUR PRIZE SELECTION(S) ON ONE OF YOUR ORDER FORMS AT THE MIDDLE BOTTOM, NEXT TO "REWARDS TOTAL."  Prizes can be seen on your prize selection sheet or at http://www.samhoustonbsa.org/Data/Sites/1/media/activities/popcorn/2014-popcorn-prize-brochure-2-pages.pdf .  You may choose the highest prize level you are eligible for, or multiples of lower prize levels up to your sale amount.  If you do not chose a prize, a prize will be chosen for you.

Remember, you can earn your ZX Crossbow by joining the $600 Club and selling $600 worth of yummy Popcorn!  

Remember to enter your sales, because you will create more work for youself if you leave it until the end.  At least check NOW to make sure you can access your account!  Each Scout needs to log his sales via his sales account and write his prize selection in big letters in the middle bottom of your order form before your turn it in to your Den Leader on 30 Nov 2014.

Online Sales must be made before 24 Nov 2014 to count towards your prize level for this POPtober Sale (all online sales that count toward your prize total are included below).

Here's where we stand so far in our Popcorn Sales:

  • 1st - Austin H., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $970 in Take Order and Online Sales
  • 2nd - Alex B., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $415 in Take Order Sales
  • 3rd - Carlos G., Webelos I - Den 5, $385 in Take Order Sales
  • 4th -  Luke R., Tiger - Den 3, $380.25 in OnlineSales
  • 5th - Alexander M., Bear - Den 12, $325 in Take Order Sales
  • 6th - Cooper R., Tiger - Den 3, $310 in Take Order Sales
  • 7th - Jake M., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $300 in Take Order Sales
  • 8th - Connor W., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $275 in Take Order Sales
  • 9th - Hunter N., Webelos II - Raccoon Bandits, $265 in Take Order Sales
  • 10th - Brian K., Wolf - Den 4, $227.25 in Online Sales 
  • 11th - Jacob G., Webelos I - Den 9, $210 in Take Order Sales
  • 12th - Hudson F., Tiger - Den 2, $155 in Online Sales
  • 13th - Trey J., Webelos I - Den 9, $135 in Online Sales
  • 14th - Austin P., Bear - Den 10, $124.25 in Online Sales
  • 15th - Jack N., Tiger - Den 2, $120 in Take Order Sales
  • 16th - Colby S., Wolf - Den 6, $119.25 in Online Sales
  • 17th - John Mark J., Wolf - Den 6, $80 in Online Sales
  • 18th - Korben C., Tiger - Den 2, $55 in Online Sales
  • 19th - Mateo P., Webelos I - Den 5, $25 in Online Sales

Your "Pie Throwing Goal" is $600 of Popcorn and 5 flats of Flowers!  So far, we only have one pie-thrower . . . Can you meet the challenge to join Austin??!!


So, as we roll the Den Tote Board . . . 

  • 1st - Raccoon Bandits - Webelos II - $2,225
  • 2nd - Den 2 - Tiger - $710.25
  • 3rd - Den 5 - Webelos I - $410
  • 4th - Den 9 - Webelos I - $345
  • 5th - Den 12 - Bear - $325
  • 6th - Den 3 - Tiger - $310
  • 7th - Den 4 - Wolf - $227.25 
  • 8th - Den 6 - Wolf - $199.25 
  • 9th - Den 10 - Bear - $124.25
  • Yet to make it onto the Den Tote Board (please log your sales now):  Campfire Dragons


Pinewood Derby Rules Posted

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 12:27am

As Cubbie McSpeed promised . . . . 

Pinewood Derby Rules are available here http://pack1999.org/system/files/PACK1999PINEWOODDERBYRULES2010withOPENCLASS.pdf

Please review these rules as our scrutineers won't miss a thing!

Recharter Fees Due in the First Week of Dec

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 12:16am

Hey Pack 1999 . . . 

It's Recharter time!  What's Recharter?  That's where we all renew our BSA Membership in the Pack and the Pack itself renews its membership in the Boy Scouts of America.

At the end of our Popcorn Sales, your Den Leader will have your specific fees and dues amount.  If you're a Zero Hero, you have paid your own way . . . and you pay ZERO!  Check with your Den Leader for your amount.


P-YOW! A Scout is Thrifty . . . He Pays His Own Way!

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 12:08am

P-YOW = Pay Your Own Way

A Scout is Thrifty . . . He pays his own way!  

By taking part in the Pack 1999 fundraisers, you not only Help the Pack Go and ensure we can keep doing all the fun stuff we do all year long; you also Pay Your Own Way . . . which is a valuable life-lesson.  P-YOW!!

Your Popcorn and Flower Sales (and your Scout Fair Coupon Sales back in the spring) offset your $100 Pack Dues and Recharter Fees which are due the first week in December to your Den Leader.  YOU KNOW YOU CAN SELL MORE, but sell $334 in popcorn OR 7 flats of flowers OR 25 Scout Fair Coupon books OR a combination thereof, and you pay ZERO in Pack Dues and BSA Membership Fees! 

P-YOW!  Joining the ZERO HEROES this week are . . . There are no new Zero Heroes this week, but one Scout's Recharter fee and dues are only gonna be $2.50 and another is at $10.00 . . . will they become Zero Heroes?  Only a few days left (Popcorn forms and money due 30 Nov) . . . Watch this space!   Our ZERO HEROES are:  Austin H, Sean B, Connor W, Matthew L, Jacob G, Alex B, Luke R, Carlos G, Rocky D, . . . . your name goes here!

Review of Arrow of Light Status Emails; Plus: Popcorn Due Sunday (30 Nov 14) and Den Parents Meeting (13 Dec 14)

Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 11:54pm


Hey Raccoon Bandits!

Please read the Handyman chapter of your WHB and chose one chore to do for the next two weeks . . . You'll talk about this chore at our next Den Meeting (7 Dec 14).

Recently, each Scout (via his parent) was sent an Email showing exactly where he stands on his completion of the Arrow of Light . . . the highest rank in Cub Scouting!  If you have any questions about any of the requirements, please Email Ken or Mike, or talk with us at the Den Meeting.  

Several of us need to attend Boy Scout events and / or Troop Meetings . . . this is not something your Scout can do at home or even at a Den Meeting . . . you actually need to go to visit a troop meeting and/or attend a troop campout/outdoor activity!!  DO NOT MISS THIS!!  There are opportunities to complete these if you still need to, but time is running out . . . We have two Den Meetings left!  Make sure you don't miss out on earning the Arrow of Light with the rest of your Den!

Remember, our Cub Scouting adventure is almost complete, and there are two BIG, IMPRESSIVE ceremonies coming up . . . all for us!  Our Arrow of Light Ceremony on 11 January is where we are presented our Arrow of Light Rank patches (so important, it's the only Cub Scout rank that can be worn on your Boy Scout uniform - but we have to finish earning them!!) and our Career Arrows (more info on Career Arrows coming to your parents soon!).  The other ceremony is our Crossover, on 22 January, where we cross the bridge to be received by our chosen Boy Scout Troop (choose wisely, it's important!).  Oh wow . . . exciting times are a-coming!


If you (and your family) would like to to join Troop 1332 at their Bouldering campout (5-7 Dec 14) for a real Boy Scout campout, please Email Ken at Cubmaster@pack1999.org and see the calendar for more details.

See y'all this Thursday at the Pack Meeting!

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • 30 Nov - Popcorn Orders and Money Due to Ken at Stately Watts Manor by 6pm
  • 6 Dec - Pack 1999 Community Garage Sale at Hassler
  • 7 Dec - Den Meeting - Handyman
  • 11 Dec - Email to Ken the number of the Troop you are crossing over into so they can be invited to our Crossover Ceremony
  • 13 Dec - Den Parent Meeting (just parents) at Stout Home to make Career Honour Arrows
  • 14 Dec - Den Meeting - Christmas Party (and Communicator)
  • 17 Dec - Pack Meeting (yes, this is a Wednesday!)
  • 4 Jan - Den Meeting (Don't Miss This . . . . It's Our Last One!)
  • 11 Jan - Arrow of Light Ceremony
  • 22 Jan - Crossover Ceremony at Pack Meeting

PS - Pinewood Derby 24 January, if you'd like to come back for that (you'll race as a Webelos)


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